Tea at Harney and Sons

Our first stop was a delightful lunch at the Harney and Sons café. We not only tasted some fabulous teas but we even tasted their homemade tea cheese on toast points! OOOH Yum! Then, we were off to the Harney and Sons Tea Factory for a behind the scenes tour. We saw how they blend the different teas and watched them make the tea bags and sachets. We saw the entire production and manufacturing process. We walked around huge bags of ingredients from all over the world that are used in their tea blends. The day we visited they were making batches of their best selling tea, “Hot Cinnamon”. They sell so much of that flavor, that they must make it every day to fill the demand for it. We can see why it’s the number one flavor blend! The smell and the taste of that Hot Cinnamon tea was heavenly. We have a greater appreciation for what goes into that little tea bag, sachet or loose leaf! If you didn’t join us, you missed a great adventure! Be sure you come along next time!

Picture: Some of us really rocked those lovely hairnets! Hairnets were required before entering the factory.

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