Robbie Burns Dinner Celebration

My Love is a Red, Red, Rose……… Should Auld Acquaintances be forgot….A man’s a man for all that…. Sound familiar? That’s just a few of Robbie Burns’ poems that have lasted the test of time and why he is still voted one of the most Beloved Scots to this day! Loved by the ladies and admired by the Men. We held our own Robbie Burns Dinner. The Ode to Haggis was presented prior to our trying the famed Scottish “pudding”.  As you can see below some of us liked the Haggis and some of us weren’t quite fans. We enjoyed the rest of the Scottish dinner though!  We had toasts to the Lassies. We had toasts to the Laddies! An Ode to the Queen, “Mary Queen of Scots”! We had Burns’ poem readings. We had Scotch tastings. We had laughter and we had fun! Until next year, my lad Robbie when we meet again across the table again –  you immortal legend!

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