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The staff in The Fountains at Millbrook was excellent. They had an attentive and caring staff that gave excellent care to the residents and seemed to be personable and friendly, too. The surroundings and the environment were beautiful. Their apartments were adequate, clean, and had a good floor plan. I think the food was good. Their dining room was beautiful and felt more like a swanky restaurant. I observed people communicating and being friendly with each other in the dining area. No one was secluded, uneasy, or apprehensive or anything like that. It was a friendly and clean community.

Review by Caring89309350

We had been to The Fountains at Millbrook and it was an absolutely wonderful place. It had so much to offer, and it was fantastic. The only negative I had was that it was an hour and a half away from my children, and we lived an hour and forty five minutes away from them now. I had been hoping to be closer to them, because both of us were elderly.

Ruthie was an absolutely incredible woman. We had been chatting back and forth for several years now as we tried and made decision with the house. We would prefer to have a two-bedroom and two-bath unit, and I thought their rooms were wonderful. I was sure that it would be adequate. We had been to their programs, we had meals with them, and the food was very good. The dining area was cheery and bright. From the time we started going there until now, they had redone the whole dining room. They had a fantastic art room and they people came in to give lessons from time to time. They had knitting, crocheting, and beading. They had programs that you could partake in outside the facility. The bus would pick you up and take you them. Everything about it was beautiful.

Review by Caring99270550

The Fountains was wonderful, peaceful, and our first choice. The people were all so friendly and helpful. We had a delcious meal there. They offered my dad a wheelchair for the tour, which was very nice. They had a workout room, a place to do arts and crafts projects, and they showed me the artwork of the people that lived there. They had trips to the theater and social hour on Friday nights. We were very impressed with it.

Review by Suzanne465445

I liked The Fountains at Millbrook. Everything was very good, and I think my father would like it. The food was good, and they had a restaurant-type of atmosphere. The rooms are very nice and spacious. They have a cord if you need help and you can’t get up. The place is clean and well-kept. I didn’t see any disgusting things.

Review by Concerned Daughter507755

Fountains at Millbrook’s staff was very nice, and we’re very impressed. The apartments were inside the main building and close to where you go to have your meals, so everything was very convenient. The grounds were absolutely beautiful and had walking trails. They also had bus transportation within the community. The price was fairly reasonable for what you’re getting. It’s expensive, but they give you a lot.

Review by Carole810558

I liked the idea that they also had individual cottages at The Fountains at Millbrook It was very clean and really beautiful. The rooms were enormous, but it was really beyond our means, financially. They had nice activities, and they provide transportation to doctor’s appointments. I didn’t see any room for improvements. I would like to go back because I don’t know how large the kitchen is, and I am interested in larger kitchens, so I would have to go back.

Review by Angelina6

My visit to the Fountains at Millbrook was very pleasant. The facility is immaculate. Everyone I met there was very nice and very courteous. They have an art room where they could do painting and pottery and other creative art projects. They also have a woodcarving room, a library, and a television room. They had a speaker while I was in there speaking to a group in the library. They offer a variety of apartments. The 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom were all in a central facility. They also had cottages on the grounds with a 1-car garage on them as another option. The dining room was very roomy. It looked like a restaurant with white tablecloths and a wait staff. The atmosphere was very friendly. The people were very friendly and welcoming. It was just too expensive for me.

Review by Bob79470950

The Fountains and its rooms were beautiful. I saw a two-bedroom apartment. The dining area was nice and big. The people were very nice. They had bingo and bowling.

Review by Lorraine846377

The Fountains at Millbrook was within the 30-mile radius from my home, which is important. The staff and the management were friendly and cooperative. The place looked clean. There were a lot of activities. The rooms were nice and big. The two-bedroom apartments were very roomy and of a good size. From what I saw, and what I have researched, I really liked it.

Review by Caring112494250

We visited the Fountains at Millbrook, and it was excellent. It was a beautiful place, and I would move there myself. It’s out in the country, in a beautiful set of buildings with nice landscaping. The staff members were very likeable. The rooms were very adequate, very nice, the food was good, and the restaurants were nice. They have cottages, and they were also nice. They have a lot of community trips, you can go shopping, and they take you to places you want to go. The staff was friendly, manageable, and they didn’t push me. They just explained what was going on.

Review by John

Wonderful place! My parents have had a wonderful life here for many many years. My visits have been very special. Superb environment inside and out.

Review by Claudia Hafner

From the first phone call I made to the sales director, I have been treated with professionalism and kindness. I had to find a facility for my mother in law. From the first moment she got there she loved the place. She would call me at night and thank me for finding her such a great home. She was able to keep her cat and dog, go to lunch and dinner or, if she wanted, to eat in her apartment. The maintenance department took care of her fencing needs, hung her pictures, came back to move them and never questioned a demand she might have made. Whenever she had a medical emergency, no matter how trivial, she was attended to quickly and with great compassion. I was kept informed on her progress of her integration with the other residents and the lifestyle The Fountains promotes. When mom’s health started to fail the Home Health nursing department supplied us with everything she needed. She had wonderful round the clock care, they worked closely with HOSPICE to see mom through her final days. When she passed, some of the staff were crying as they all offered their condolences. I am so glad that Mom was at a location that was warm in their compassion and so professional. They helped our family so much. To me this shows the great core culture of this facility. Finally I am very happy and satisfied that our family made the correct choice in putting our loved one here.

Review by Kenneth Mathiasen COPM, MBA

The Fountains at Millbrook is beautiful and a great value. So much is included in the monthly rent! The staff are so happy and helpful. Overall a great retirement community – service, food, activities, transportation, housekeeping, staff, maintenance. So happy we found this place!

Review by Carla Samson
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Awesome, staff extremely friendly, beautiful grounds, excellent food, very clean, great living conditions. I know where I’m going to be at age 62.

Review by Millbrook, NY Visitor
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I recently visited the fountains at Millbrook for my aging parents and we absolutely loved it . The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, they made us feel at home, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience . Ruthie and Susie were absolutely amazing and welcomed us with open arms! Finding the right place for your parents is one of the biggest decisions you can make and and I couldn’t be more happy with our experience. Thank you again and my parents look forward to enjoying everything the fountains has to offer.

Review by Millbrook, NY Visitor
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It has been a great experience for us here. My mother is doing okay, but I know she is being cared for well. The community looks great, they do a very good job with the cleanliness. The staff is perfect, they have been wonderful to work with. She is safe and in good hands. They are providing her with great care. This is a community I would recommend, it has worked out very well for us here.

Review by Millbrook, NY Family

The Fountains at Millbrook is so beautiful. The staff are warm, friendly and helpful. The amenities included in the rent are a great value. The activities have great trips. The housekeeping and maintenance are very helpful and nice. Overall The Fountains at Millbrook make a great home!

Review by Carol S.

My Grandfather has lived at the fountains for about 6 months and he’s absolutely loved it. The employees are all so nice, and there’s a game room with a pool table, and board games, for kids. And the food there is amazing, it serves Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Also there’s many restaurants as dinners near by.

Review by Owen F.