Resident Jenifer Thuell Has Been Enjoying Her Independent Lifestyle for Sixteen Years at The Fountains

Choose the path that embraces the best of each and every day as it comes.

“I guess we were lucky my husband and I, I had been working rehab for nearly 40 years and we were lucky that we got to know some people living here. We knew that this would be a good place to be.” – Jenifer Thuell, resident of The Fountains at Millbrook

You can learn a lot from someone who has been in your shoes. Their honest insight can help you navigate your way to the place that’s right for you, regardless of which community you choose. (All quotes contained in this post are excerpts from an interview conducted with Jenifer Thuell on Monday, February 29th, 2016. To read the full, un-edited transcript, please click here.)

Born in Dover, Kent in 1927, Jenifer moved to Lands End, Cornwall in 1940. Following the war, she attended college north of London and worked in Central London as a Psychiatric Occupational Therapist. In 1960, her professional background brought her to America, where she worked in a new teaching hospital in Greenwich Village. After marrying Milton Jacobs, their weekend escapes to their Eastern Dutchess County home reminded Jenifer of her childhood. She became enthralled with the area’s history. Retiring to Dutchess County in 1980, Jenifer volunteered at Sharon Hospital Auxiliary, Marist Center for Lifetime Study, the Millbrook Library and two local historical societies. They migrated from their maintenance-intensive house to a Millbrook Village condominium before renting a cottage at The Fountains in 2000.

Jenifer Thuell was 73 when she and her husband moved to the retirement community of their choice. Sixteen years later, with no regrets, Jenifer continues to thrive. She firmly believes it’s never too soon to think about the future and take the steps you need to ensure you’re well situated for all the years ahead. Acknowledging the benefits of a supportive living environment is the first step in creating your path to successful aging. “It’s a natural process and we’re of the generation…where we are living longer. And we should be proactive in knowing that there will be changes and look around and see, where can I remain as independent as I can and as active as I can but have a support system around me? You should begin to think about it a few years before.” – Jenifer Thuell

Jenifer and Milton were proactive in situating themselves at The Fountains. They loved the location and the flexibility of the campus, from its choice of cottages and apartments, to the number of meals they could choose to take. Jenifer loved maintaining her connections with Millbrook Village, its library, and Marist, even helping to establish off-campus classes at The Fountains. “One of the good things about The Fountains is, it is a supportive community but it’s not… institutionalized. You know, the dining room is flexible and we have lots of different choices from community life. You can pick
and choose.” – Jenifer Thuell

After Milton passed away in 2004, Jenifer took her time transitioning from their cottage into the main building, something the two had discussed and appreciated about the campus. Rather than risk major life changes during crises, they planned ahead, their forethought paying off with a comfortable lifestyle that has easily adapted to Jenifer’s needs over time. “As you live longer things wear out, things happen, even if you are on your feet, very healthy. You have to begin to limit yourself so that you can keep going, you know what I mean?” – Jenifer Thuell


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