Our Latest Backyard Adventure

We got to howl with the wolves on our latest backyard adventure – literally! Our adventure took us to the Wolf Conservation Center. The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), founded in 1999 by Helene Grimaud, is a private, not-for-profit environmental education organization. The WCC also participates in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) and Recovery Plan for two critically endangered wolf species, the Mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus) and the red wolf (Canis rufus). The Mexican gray wolf and the red wolf are among the rarest mammals in North America; both species at one time were completely extinct in the wild. We were surprised to learn just how few are left in our world.

Our educator Mary Kate was great! She welcomed us to the education center with hot cider and warm cookies! She had prepared a great lecture not just what they do at the Center but about wolves in general. She debunked a lot of “wolf myths” that many of us grew up believing! After her presentation, Mary Kate led us up to meet the Ambassador wolves. We learned that the wolves that would be released into the wild would not be seen. Those wolves would be hiding and silently watching us from their double enclosed areas. The center’s Ambassador wolves were raised with people, (were once pets) would not fit criteria to ever be released to the wild. These wolves are used by the center for educational purposes. Thanks to a beautiful night and Mary Kate’s encouragement, we got the wolves howling with us as we raised our voices into the night!! Thank you Mary Kate and WCC!! A delightful meal at the North Woods Inn and lots of conversation all the way home closed out another Backyard Adventure! We missed you,  and You missed a great time!

A hot topic right now is legislation involving wolf release and breeding programs!

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