Honeybees and the Dance of Evolution!

Grai St. Clair Rice is an organic beekeeper, as well as a writer/photographer based in NYC. She is a co-founder of HoneybeeLives, an organization that teaches beekeeping and provides apiary services. We were fortunate to have her at The Fountains to give a captivating presentation about Honeybees and their important connection to a healthy ecosystem.

During the course of evolution, pollinators and plants have been involved in a seductive relationship that has been instrumental in creating the fecund world we live in today. We learned how honeybees forage and how they interact with flowers in their search for nectar and pollen. Honeybees are single-source pollinators, engaging their communication and navigation skills to enlist their hive mates to produce. Grai taught us how to incorporate simple garden/landscape concepts to improve their survival in addition to sampling the delicious honey she brought from her hives!

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