Extraordinary Trip to NYC to the Museum of Natural History

We grabbed lunches, boarded the bus and had a wonderful combined trip with Assisted living and Independent residents to NYC to the Museum of Natural History! We made new friendships on the bus to and from the city. We laughed and talked and the miles flew by. Before we knew it we were there and being met by our wonderful hostess, Lynne Cerrone. Lynne was a fantastic hostess and tour guide. She showed us around the museum giving us so much interesting information on each exhibit. Lynne even arranged for us to see two special exhibits: The Dinosaurs and Deep Space!! We couldn’t believe we were seeing the largest dinosaur that has ever been discovered to date, that was discovered in 2014. Time went much too quickly and we headed back home, tired but filled with visions of all the fantastic things we saw and the desire to go back again. We don’t just sit on the porch around here! Join us on our next adventure!

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