Breakfast Served with a Slice of History!

Residents at The Fountains at Millbrook shared the desire to explore a local eatery that they had never been to before; fortunately, we were excited to discover Alex’s Restaurant which is located right in the heart of Poughkeepsie. 

Our traveling breakfast bunch enjoyed a delicious meal served up with a slice of history! We were intrigued to learn about the roots of this local hot spot, as Alex’s Restaurant is notoriously known for being the hub of downtown Poughkeepsie for over 100 years. Starting in 1911, Alex Pappas began selling newspapers, food, and confectionery goods at this very location before continuing to grow and expand his business for over 50 years.

Along with its four generations of proprietors, Alex’s has been a part of Market Street and the Poughkeepsie scene ever since. We also learned that President Franklin D. Roosevelt and actress Faye Emerson were among the countless city officials, residents, and travelers that have been patrons of this local favorite throughout the past century.

Not only did this outing appeal to our tastebuds, it also satisfied our hunger for knowledge. Thank you to Alex’s Restaurant for giving us an opportunity to learn about your historic roots while we indulged in a remarkably delicious breakfast! 

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