Angry Orchards Tour

This time our backyard adventures led us to “Angry Orchards Hard Cider House” and “Citrus” a local Indian/Thai restaurant. We enjoyed a wonderful buffet filled with delectable Indian and Thai foods. Who knew that a “beet based” dessert would be so good! After lunch we boarded the bus and headed over to Angry Orchards. The delightful smell of apples and spices greeted us as we got off the bus. The fragrant smell followed us from the bus all the way into lobby. Our private tour began with a walk around their interactive museum that showed not only Angry Orchards history but the process of making hard ciders. We were able to talk to one of their Brew Masters who told us about the many different apples and ingredients that go into making their different flavors of hard cider. We couldn’t believe how large the oak barrels are that house the ciders while they age! Next we found ourselves in their tasting room and gift shop. We were able to sample three out of six of the hard ciders on tap for the day and purchase our favorite to bring home for our weekly cocktail hour. Our friends at home are in for a treat this Friday at cocktail hour! Our tour ended with visiting the Angry Orchard tree house that was built for them by Pete Nelson and his crew from the Tree House Masters on Animal planet. What an amazing afternoon we had! Wonder where we’ll end up on our next backyard adventure?

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